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The Powerful Conversational AI
JavaScript Library

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import { AiChat, useAsStreamAdapter } from '@nlux/react';
import '@nlux/themes/nova.css';

import { send } from './send';
import { user, assistantAvatar } from './personas';

export default () => {
  const adapter = useAsStreamAdapter(send, []);
  return (
      adapter={ adapter }
        assistant: {
          name: "EinAssistant",
          tagline: "Your Genius AI Assistant",
          avatar: assistantAvatar
      conversationOptions={{ layout: 'bubbles' }}
      displayOptions={{ colorScheme: "dark" }}
      composerOptions={{ placeholder: "Type your query" }}

Feature Roadmap

Over the past months since launching NLUX, we've been heads-down delivering rapid value. Here's a quick overview of some key features that we've already built, and a glimpse of what's to come:

✔️  AI Chat Component

✔️  React Support

✔️  Next.js Support

✔️  Hugging Face Adapter

✔️  LangChain LangServe Adapters

✔️  Custom Adapters

✔️  Assistant and User Personas

✔️  Markdown Streaming

✔️  Syntax Highlighter

✔️  Event Listeners

✔️  Conversation History

✔️  Context-Aware Conversations

✔️  Conversation Starters

✔️  Advanced Theming

✔️  React Server Components

 Function Calling

 File Uploads

 Enhanced Accessibility

 Voice Chat

 [  Add Your Feature Request  ]

Community members are welcome to contribute to the roadmap
by submitting feature requests on our Discord server or via GitHub issues.
For companies seeking prioritized feature requests and support,
please consider our Enterprise package.

Building Context-Aware AI Assistants
With React JS and NLUX

Learn more ― Watch the presentation of NLUX founder at React Advanced London where he talks about the future of conversational AI and how to build context-aware AI apps with NLUX and React JS.

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