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Version: v2.x



NLUX is a highly customizable and fully featured conversational AI UI library with 3 layers

  • The User Interface Layer 🎨 — Which is responsible for everything that gets rendered on the screen, such as the user and the AI messages, and the composer. It also provides event listeners, hooks, and primitives.
  • The API Layer 📡 — Which provides APIs to interact with the chatbot programmatically, and enables operations such as sending messages, getting the chat history, and more.
  • The Adapters Layer 🔌 — Which enables the integration with AI backends by handling API calls, response streaming, and more. It also allows for custom adapters to be built for any backend.


The core NLUX library is available in 2 flavors:

  • NLUX React JS ⚛️ — React JS implementation using the React rendering engine, components, and hooks.
  • NLUX JavaScript 🟨 — Pure JavaScript library that can be used with any web framework (such as Vue) or with plain HTML.

As per the compatibility with other frameworks:

  • Next.js Integration: All the React JS features have been developed and tested with the Next.js as a primary use-case.
  • Non-React Frameworks Integration: The vanilla JavaScript library can be used with any non-React framework or library, such as Vue.js, Angular, or Svelte. Or even with plain HTML and JavaScript.

You'll find a toggle at the top of each documentation page that allows switching between the 2 platforms.