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Version: v1.x

Theme Customization

Overriding Theme Variables

If you like to customize NLUX's theme, you can override the Nove theme's variables simply by adding a new CSS file in your web app or site that defines new values for those variables, and that has higher specificity than the theme CSS.

Variables To Override

You can find all Novo theme variables that can be overridden in the following files on GitHub:

  • colors.css All the colors that can be overridden.
  • variables.css All the other variables that can be overridden, including font size and family, border radius, etc.

You don't have to re-build a new version of NLUX to override the theme variables. As shown in the example above, you can simply add a new CSS file and override the variables inside a CSS selector that has higher specificity than the default theme selector.


In the example below, we are overriding 2 aspects of the Nova theme:

  • Changing the primary color to #1f6adb (blue)
  • Changing the border radius of inputs to 0px

The button and the sent messages will be blue, and the input will have sharp corners:

import {useMemo} from 'react';
import {AiChat} from '@nlux/react';
import '@nlux/themes/nova.css';
import './custom-nova-theme.css';
import {streamAdapter} from './adapter';
import {user, botStyle} from './personas';

export default () => {
  const adapter = useMemo(() => streamAdapter, []);
  return (
        bot: {
          name: 'iBot',
          picture: <span style={botStyle}>🤖</span>,
          tagline: 'Your Genius AI Assistant'
        height: 320,
        maxWidth: 600


You can change code in the live code editor in this example.
Try updating custom-nova-theme.css and see the changes in the chatbot above.


In order to change the primary button color to #1f6adb (blue). We created a new file called custom-nova-theme.css and add the following CSS:

.custom-ai-chat-comp.nluxc-root.nluxc-theme-nova {
--nluxc-button-background-color: #1f6adb;
--nluxc-button-border-color: #1f6adb;

--nluxc-button-active-background-color: #3474d3;
--nluxc-button-active-border-color: #3474d3;

The default theme variables are defined under .nluxc-root.nluxc-theme-nova selector, so you need to make sure that your CSS selector has higher specificity than that.


Notice that in this example, we added a CSS selector .custom-ai-chat-comp to increase the specificity of the variables we are overriding. This selector was added as a className in App.tsx and as part of the CSS selector in custom-nova-theme.css.

Then, you can add the following to your HTML file:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="./custom-nova-theme.css" />

or if you are using a bundler that's configured to load CSS, you can just import the CSS file in your JSX/TSX file:

import './custom-nova-theme.css';